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Sixth Plate


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AT ONE SIDE. I know the next collector won’t even notice the speckled daguerreian frosting, the very strange (and faint) black “crackling” (definitely NOT scratches) or the elongated water stain as the woman’s most wonderful retaped sixth plate daguerreotype is studied. The sitter was so beautiful that even without a full smile, her lips with a hint of red, still convey a sensual side to this admirer. Her freckles dotted a perfect complexion and those warm dramatic dark eyes just won’t stop staring at me. If you think I am exaggerating folks (what ME?) please know that I first purchased the lass in December 1993, almost 20 years ago, sold her immediately and very gladly bought back earlier in April! How well she wore her dark hair for the portrait. Her clothing was awesome and the dignity of the pose simply monumental. That was NOT a wedding band on her finger. I bet that she was a mid-19th century heartthrob. A complete leather case has an older leather hinge repair. Thin oxidation mimics the octagonal mat shape except where it blossomed at the top.