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Sixth Plate


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NOT TOO ACCOMPLISHED! And mold spiders, spotty tarnish and buff marks in both directions didn’t make the retaped sixth plate any better since the women were taken circa 1846. Never the less I was fascinated by the woman’s facial skin pigmentation (on the left) and her companion’s knitted sweater created in the brioche stitch that was rarely seen in a daguerreotype. Certainly the older woman’s expression was friendly, yet it paled in comparison to the bubbly effervescent beauty seated next to her. That young gal was gorgeous, although her collar and face was solarized. Nothing could really dim her natural beauty. That probably was a large diamond ring being prominently displayed on her finger. Were these ladies mother and daughter? They are held in a fine leather case that has an unusual floral theme on the cover and a rare pebbled reverse.