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Sixth Plate


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“MARY MANN SANDFORD PEGRAM . . . Born 1839 died 1922” was the information that came with the adorable little gal whose pretty dress was gloriously tinted blue/green! Mary was a mature child and sat comfortably when the sixth plate with a new archival seal was produced circa 1845. The intact delicate roses themed leather case contains her lovely daguerreotype and a piece of paper with the information underneath the likeness. Marvelous patina flows inside the arched brass mat and it helps to hide a solitary fingerprint in the lower right corner of Miss Pegram?s holographic gem. Mary?s flawless face had an inquisitive expression while the lens was uncapped. Her eyes carefully watched the operator. Aside from teeny bits of dust trapped under the gold chloride on the spine of the larger tome on the table, the silver is in excellent condition. The child?s flesh tones look realistic and gold was added to her small ring. Doesn?t miss Mary?s artifact resemble a folk art painting on canvas? She will make a wonderful addition to any collection of hand colored children?s dags.