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Sixth Plate


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A LITTLE BUCKEYE. Miss Mary Fred was taken in 1851 in Belmont Ohio as recorded by Jennie Gregg. This information was written underneath the child’s retaped sixth plate in a leather case that has had the cover reunited in a rather unique manner (see second scan). Although each side has a completely different design the halves went together when Mary’s mother was handed her daguerreotype. Belmont is located in east central Ohio, just south of interstate 70 and about 20 miles west of Wheeling West Virginia. Back in Mary’s day, it was a tiny hamlet in the rural sticks. Not much has changed! Consequently it is correct to surmise that an itinerant plying his trade passed through the dot on the map; staying only long enough to daguerreotype a few of the citizens and their children. This is a fine example of what was available to the multitudes of people who lived away from even small centers of population. There is a faint dot on Mary’s tinted nose. The silver is intact although haziness covers the surface. Color was also crudely applied to the tablecloth. In spite of the appearance, I love this little gal.