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Tinted Male Portrait, Sixth Plate Dag


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HE MUST HAVE BOUGHT . . . A new box of fine pigments and the daguerreotypist thought that this subject deserved a variety of differing colors on her newly sealed sixth size portrait. The lass wasn’t overly remarkable yet her frizzy dark hair and honest face both were rather compelling in an off-beat manner I guess. I was instantly attracted to her because of the all the painted silver. Done basically in gold and pink the gent created more of a folk art style then the usual daguerreotype that one might have expected to receive. He also applied a lovely brown to her flesh. Oxidation, lots of dots and odd short white streaks (waters stains?) are on the surface but they don’t hamper my enjoyment of the girl, who even coiled a couple locks into a circle on her forehead, which was very fashionable at the end of the 1840s. I should mention various mat scrapes and deep buff strokes to the right of the sitter’s head. Her leather case is complete.