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Sixth Plate


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HIDING HIS PAINTING! It must have been difficult for the daguerreotypist to place his subject, who after all was paying him money for her retaped sixth plate, in a position that would permit him to make an image that reproduced the lady in his best light. She was a large generously proportioned woman. After finishing the exposure, development, fixing and rinsing, the man would have applied gold chloride to heightened the contrast and protect the surface. As a final step, he applied beautiful pigments to places where they were most advantageous. Why did he opt for a lower than normal camera angle? It reproduced his sitter with the demonic eyes, larger then life! Not even those splashes of colors diminish THE STARE! Wakeful nights might occur to the next owner so buyers beware! At least the repaired leather case keeps her somewhat contained! Hee hee.