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Sixth Plate


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A DAGUERREIAN BRACELET? Being a mid-century (that would mean in the 19th century) romantic at times, I want to imagine the gal wore that piece of jewelry over the sleeve of her dress because underneath the cover of the receptacle was a miniature daguerreotype of her lover. And this archivally sealed sixth plate would have been her gift to him. She certainly selected her dress and collar with care. I wonder if the lass had assistance coiffuring her hair and placing the wonderful bejeweled tiara on the crown of her head? Look at those intricate earrings and a pocket watch, along with a signet under her hand. A pair of rings were adorned her fingers. She was pleasant enough in her appearance and her face was nicely hand colored. Those liquid dark eyes are almost mesmerizing. Certainly three books on the blue tablecloth meant that she was a well-educated woman, correct? I just noticed how perfectly the man arranged his client’s hands! I would love to lie and tell you all that was a large feather near her head but actually it is a mold spider. They are also a few smaller ones in the darkness and on her dress. A nice leather case with an embossed burgundy pad inside completes the presentation.