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Sixth Plate


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NOT SO STIFF! Hey, I have seen couples that appear to have been supported by vertical boards stuffed underneath their clothing while a newly taped sixth plate dag was being taken. This pair not only was well groomed, don’t you enjoy seeing a woman’s hair so perfectly done, they also wore fashionable ensembles AND they had pleasant expressions. The young gent’s eyes absolutely sparkled. I would wager when his ladylove smiled, she was radiant! At first I thought that was a dag pendant hanging between her breasts, but upon closer inspection (of the pendant) I believe it was a watch. She wore a fine lace collar and a brooch with an intricate design. That blue streak near the jewelry is actually tarnish, as is the discoloration inside the double elliptical mat. Their daguerreotype, in a separated leather case, has great contrast and deep reflected depth. That is a mold spider in the lower left corner.