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Sixth Plate


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SUFFERED FROM PALSY. It was most probable that the elderly man had previously been afflicted with a stroke, yet he survived and was able to pose on his own for the retaped sixth plate portrait. His eye was definitely affected along with a slump of his features and a twisted mouth on the same side. I am impressed that the gentleman was capable of remaining attentive and upright during the exposure. I believe that he was a tall man compared to the general male population. Look at the length of his torso. It is instructive to note that he hadn’t shaved in a few days, with uneven beard stubble and a pale moustache clinging to his ancient skin. Yes, those are brown tarnish dots on the surface. Minor marks are visible in the mat hugging oxidation. Excellent illumination plus great contrast created nice holographic depth. Those were deep polishing marks across his clothing. A leather case is apart.