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Sixth Plate


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IT WAS BLUE! As Casey and I sat looking at a large accumulation of daguerreotypes he recently purchased we were trying to determine if the perky young gal’s dress was really blue. Those fancy scalloped ribbons were definitely colored pink. Once new glass was placed on the teenager’s dreamy image, the truth was finally revealed. I had concentrated so intently on her costume that I missed the fact that the lovely lass combed her hair into a style that replicated many of the flappers appearances 70+ years later. Really folks, I would be hard pressed to remember previously seeing such an elegant coiffure worn by a young woman in an archivally taped sixth size scintillating daguerreotype! Her face was simply beautiful and the delicate use of several shades of red and pink made her countenance extremely lifelike. Those brown eyes and her perfect lips might have reeled in any male admirer. The positioning of her arms and hands plus the shallow depth of field created a solid base inside the ornately stamped brass mat. The pale speck on the girl s forehead was caused by weeping glass. Those are mold spiders on the right side and a few other miniscule specks are visible. Oxidation is seen in several places. In summation, the next owner will truly thank me for offering the young lady in her complete leather case.