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Sixth Plate


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SO DARN CONFIDANT! The petite lass, who stood next to that table covered with fabric flowers tinted red, rested one arm across the top and kind of cradled her favorite doll in the other. Her off the shoulder dress was also hand colored lime green/soft yellow, depending on the angle of viewing. Rouge was lightly painted on her cheeks and lips. I have seen youngsters posed for their archivally sealed sixth size portraits in the same manner as this elfin figure. However, this child’s body language and attitude scream out that SHE was totally in control and all the grownups in the room had better be on THEIR BEST BEHAVIOR! The kid is mesmerizing! I want to reach into the superlative daguerreotype, pluck her into my reality and watch her grow into an adult. Since the silver was untouched, and any effort to remove the spots and haziness might have altered the pigments, only new glass and an archival seal was done. The decay isn’t so obvious when her fine leather case is opened. Opposite the child is a solitary leaf deeply embossed into a deep green velvet cushion.