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Sixth Plate


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TOTALLY REAL! When I sat down to write this caption I had the sensation of smelling those abundant flowers that had been perfectly arranged and professionally placed in that milk white vase. Surely the daguerreotypist focused on those detailed and gloriously tinted petals while making certain that the light was just right before he ushered in female (and maybe men too) subjects who would have been seated on the same plane thus insuring that the humans’ features would also be sharply seen IF there was no movement. For an operator with such remarkable daguerreian skills when he created images, I am rather astounded that he didn’t do something about the dent in his cloth drop. Wrinkles, pleats and even folds were more acceptable don’t you think? Maybe the lass moved just prior to the exposure for her newly sealed sixth plate. She certainly was intent on watching the man while he daguerreotyped her well-fed countenance. Hey, just trying to inject humor while I write and study the gal. The contrast and tones, along with the colors you see match the dag perfectly. However, the mat marks, spots and dots are barely noticeable. The cover of her leather case has disappeared.