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Sixth Plate


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STILL HAD THE SPARK! An unidentified elderly chap with long flowing white hair and fiery eyes stared resolutely through the daguerreotypist?s lens and became permanently captured on the mirror-like sixth plate surface. He had tucked part of his white mane behind his ears but didn?t bother to shave that morning (or maybe the razor clam shell he used was dull?). Who was this dramatic citizen? On a clipped piece of paper an advertisement for: “Bigden’s Ambrotypes & Photographs 210 Main St. SIGN OF THE BIG HAND” was found underneath the dag in a separated leather case. This might have been a red herring, although John Craig did list a ?Charles Bigden as having operated at 302 Main St. Buffalo circa 1856. The plate had an ?H. B. eagle 40? hallmark, which was first used circa 1848 and fell out of favor (for the most part by the early 1850s). Whomever his maker, he was seated in a room (or wagon) that contained a skylight. The illumination was absolutely inspirational and the sharpness obtained revealed every detail in the subject?s mature face. The range of contrast and tones was sensational. The depth is holographic. Don?t permit the mold mites mostly within colorful patina to detour you from purchasing this marvelous powerful person who still sees everyone who looks upon his visage.