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Like a Painting … Sixth Plate Dag


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COULD HAVE BEEN ON CANVAS. An amazing daguerreotype done in a style that strongly resembled the best of mid-19th century painted portraits of children. The sixth plate is kept in a complete leather case (that might have been original, although it was made in 1845). I would have suggested a date for their sitting at 1846-1847. In the bottom of the case was written “1850 JAW Dec H & K”. My interpretation is that they were seated before the camera in 1850 in the month of December and JAW was their daguerreotypist’s initials. Then “H & K” were the kids’ initials. The patina encroaches upon them but doesn’t trouble the children at all, except for the line on the forlorn little boy’s face (that is difficult to see as they are studied). Delicate tinting was exceptionally applied to he and his sister’s lips and cheeks. Painted pigments also accentuated the tiny vase of flowers in the lad’s hand and the bright blooms on the gal’s large straw hat that had a decorative ribbon around the crown. This exquisite likeness will overwhelm the next owner! I should mention too, that my reproduction resembles a lit candle stub illuminating a huge field on an overcast night, compared to a super nova sunburst! More simply stated, this image is a fantastical dream!