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Sixth Plate


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GRAMPS & GRANDDAUGHTER! Naturally the squinting gent could have been holding his grandson while a daguerreotypist directed the fellow to take a seat outdoors and tightly clutch the recalcitrant tyke! Need I discuss the rarity of a resealed sixth size dag taken in natural surroundings? After their maker successfully isolated the pair and finished their portrait he commenced to embellish the piece by producing a very fancy vignette that mimicked the scalloped shape of their brass mat. Yes, the man’s eyes were tinted blue and red pigment was added to his freckled cheeks. One very deep buff mark is visible near the lower right corner. The flotsam and jetsam evident in my reproduction are less noticeable when their image is angled and the endless reflected depth is admired. Hazy blue/white patina is also present. Before I conclude my description, please observe the second scan. The complete paper and wooden case had a piece of the cover ready to fall off. Underneath it was this weird Patriotic engraving of George Washington. Does anyone know the origin?