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Sixth Plate


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“NEW BEDFORD . . . Whaling Ship Captain”! Well readers, that’s what was written on the tag attached to this sixth plate dag in the antique shop. The rugged man also had been improperly placed in a rare thermoplastic case that was about to fall apart. Being a knowledgeable keeper of fine daguerreotypes since 1985, not only does the interesting fellow have a new archival seal, I have placed him in an appropriate full leather case consistent with the period that he was taken, circa 1850. Yes, plain red silk pads opposite the subjects were often seen that late and even a couple years beyond in some examples. By the way, it really is impossible to know what the rather genial subject’s trade actually was. I scooped him up because of his overall condition, which is excellent; his hardened constitution and those blue solarized white buttons that might have been metallic or a very bright material. The lens used to capture his likeness had improperly ground elements, thus causing a large soft area in the center of the dag. Patina, including a speck on the fellow’s forehead flows freely. A couple mold mites are visible. Red paint was added to his cheeks and lips.