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Sixth Plate


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THE MUNCHKIN FACTOR! Childhood innocence couldn?t be more obvious then the adorable sixth plate we see of the inquisitive kid who had been seated on that small ladder back chair and handed a tin cup with a spoon. Naturally, mom would have gently cooed to her offspring, ?please don?t move while the man makes your likeness? but I wonder if the daguerreotypist had less charm and patience? Anyway, during the short exposure of a few seconds, his teeny client moved! So what I say! Kids did that! I can still see that inquisitive angelic face. I must admit the fellow?s focus had been spot on, clearly defining part of the dress and the arm that didn?t move. The light lit the subject from above and almost behind. A huge reflector must have been very close since the shadows were well managed. The oxidation is very inconsistent and that mark above the chair on the right is a water stain. The resealed piece comes with a nice full leather case.