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Sixth Plate


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A LANKY LASS. Carol, my wonderful wife, took a peek at this archivally sealed sixth size portrait and commented that she thought the youngster was going to become a very tall woman. Lengthy arms and an elongated face were two obvious clues. The child’s hair was beautifully curled and framed her pigmented face. Didn’t she have wicked bright eyes and a perfect set of lips? Her older companion, a grandmother probably, had a very furrowed forehead. Could she have been paying for the daguerreotype or was she overly concerned that she might look like herself? Oops that was a bit harsh. Brown stains of patina touch the pair and there are a few mold spiders on the woman’s dress. Their faces were nicely tinted and I thought it was sweet when the gal touched her companion’s shoulder. The dag has great depth and contrast. The bottom of a leather case remains.