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Sixth Plate


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DEFINITELY RELATED. While the brother was left standing in a dramatic position, resting his open hand rather reluctantly against his sister’s shoulder and gently touching the top of her thigh with a closed fist, she sat complacently (for their parent’s sake) while the resealed sixth plate was taken. This was a rather odd arrangement for a brother and sister but their maker successfully created an impression on the silver palette that must have pleased the adults. He added gold to the gal’s jewelry and splashed red pigments on that floral patterned tablecloth. Old patina stays mostly against the scalloped brass mat. Except for the noticeable brown dot above the girl’s head, the other specks and flecks are meaningless. The parallel lines above the boy are surface flaws not mat abrasions. Good contrast and reflected depth make their portrait more desirable inside a whole leather case.