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Sixth Plate


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HOLDING ARMS. The operator who contrived the composition for the siblings’ sixth plate that has a new seal made it easier for the girl. She comfortably rested her hands on that draped object while the boys clutched her tightly. The pyramidal shape of the three children wasn’t common but standing together and looking directly at their maker worked well in this instance. While the girl’s brothers moved their freckled faces slightly she was well rendered. Her luminous dark eyes reflected the source of light that entered the space from the left. The gal’s perfect rose bud shaped lips were calmly closed. If you were to really twist their portrait in good viewing light, vertical lines might be seen in the silver that has a thick layer of oxidation inside the brass mat. There are faint ripples in the plate against the bottom of the surround. While I am inspecting in that area, what do you think was placed in front of the sister. Could it have been a third boy who was badly misbehaving and hidden under the coverlet? The leather case is complete but worn with pieces of leather missing in places on the rails.