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Sixth Plate


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UTTERLY UNHAPPY! Who could ever surmise that a little girl was evil? Even when she had a tuft of flyaway hair that resembled a horn protruding from the darker side of her head. The intense stare laced with an expression of consternation was almost frightening. The child clenched the covered arm of that small chair and tightly grasped her tiny bouquet of flowers, which seems rather incongruous don’t you think. I know why her maker handed them to the kid, to keep that hand still while the lens was uncapped. Aren’t you curious WHY the lass was so angry? I could immediately feel the tension in the room when I open her leather case that has a weak hinge. I am rather perplexed about the highlights in those laser-focused eyes. Please notice that illumination of equal intensity entered the space from either side of the sitter. She was posed in a very narrow room or a daguerreian wagon possibly. Tremendous holographic depth naturally propels the girl directly into my space! The marks on the right side of her head were shadowy undulations in the cloth backdrop. There are a couple mold spiders and thin mat abrasions in places. Gold was painted on her ring. I should mention that it is rare to see a crocheted afghan in daguerreotypes. The subject’s retaped sixth plate has a complete leather case.