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Sixth Plate


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HIS FANCY CASE! The second scan accurately presents the design on both covers of this thick book style sixth size leather case. What you don’t see stenciled in gold on the spine was “SOUVENIR”. The broad latch is partially visible. Inside, a puffy plush red pillow was embossed with a floral theme. Now that you have admired the man’s case, I think that his likeness will impress also. In describing his face I would suggest that it had a texture of used shoe leather! The subject’s skin was so coarse that I can “feel” the roughness. Now I know you all think I exaggerate from time to time when I describe these fine dags, however, this resealed gent had two repaired wounds, one on his forehead over his left eye and the other cut was vertical to the right of his oddly tinted lips. Although the subject’s suit and tie looked neat enough his white collar was a bit tattered and stained. The dude was no banker; he was experienced and hardened during his lifetime of adventures. The patina has created a beautiful natural vignette on three sides. The guy’s maker was a skillful technician. He knew about light and reflections. Tremendous deep depth was as impressive as the sharp focus. Tiny marks are seen at the edges of the scalloped brass mat. A new archival seal and glass perfectly presents the sitter.