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Sixth Plate


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A GOLDEN GIRL! She was a pretty young woman seated with her arms comfortably placed so that those lace gloved hands were a wonderful focal point. The lass wore lots of sparkling gold painted jewelry. A winged companion on her left sleeve who also desired (or not) to be a part of the subject was rendered in detail along with his host, who was sumptuously dressed for her sixth plate that has been archivally taped. Pale green eyes watched the daguerreotypist work efficiently. I can’t decide if the subject was a bit haughty or simply serious enough so that smiling would not have been acceptable. Colorful patina contrasts nicely against the brass mat that was quite decorative. The silver has multi mirror like reflections and the tones change hues after the detached cover is removed from a leather case. The tinting of her flesh tones is adequate. The brown circles (tarnish) and teeny white specks are meaningless.