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Sixth Plate


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FROM MEXICO! The very handsome gentleman posed for his resealed sixth plate in the studio of an extremely competent daguerreian. A large window permitted broad brilliant light to bathe the fellow and his extraordinary costume, including that wonderful hat that had been placed on the table next to his hand. The heavy ?SCOVILLS? plate, with flat sides and four narrow clipped corners was recleaned to remove brown spots that covered the surface. Wispy lines cover the entire surface inside the brass mat. As the subject is admired resting in the bottom of a plain leather case without a cover, the professionalism of his maker is readily apparent. Did the man travel north across the border to have his likeness executed? He was taken in the mid to late 1840s. I simply don?t know enough about the quality of Mexican daguerreotypists at that time to make an accurate assessment. Regardless of where he posed, this is an extremely powerful and rare daguerreotype!