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Sixth Plate


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“CHARLES LEWIS”! Someone penned the gent’s name on part of an old paper seal that comes with the archivally prepared sixth size portrait. Mr. Lewis grew what was left of his hair long to match those even whiter sideburns. Age certainly didn?t dismiss his charm. I know if I stepped into the operating room next to the daguerreian and waited patiently until the final exposure of the man was made, Charles would have removed his arm from the table, nodded to his maker then stood up and stretched. I can?t imagine that such an elderly and experienced gent would have permitted the use of a head restraint in spite of the ministrations issued by the cameraman. This was a formal likeness done nearly to perfection. Only a bit of softness on the sitter?s face is bothersome, but when the holographic piece is studied the brilliance and sparkling sheen of the silvery surface will dazzle all who open the complete plastic case. The brown hued box was decorated with a famous impression that shows a maiden seated in a daguerreian?s studio with cases and pictures on the table. There is some discoloration on the edges of the cover.