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The dark skinned subject was placed above the normal level of a camera, as his corpse rested on an unseen support. His large head was cradled by a wrinkled down filled pillow. The cause of his departure wasn’t obvious but the darkness around him and that slash of white upper left created a holographic and rather eerie impression. The haziness emanating from his chest might have been the essence of his soul departing from the now defunct vessel. Hey, who can really know the truth? Although the silver, which is highly reflective, was buffed deeply in different directions, the sharp focus defined the profile of the person?s face to perfection! When the next collector opens the complete leather case that has a newer leather hinge, he or she will immediately be impressed! Speckled oxidation doesn?t affect the fellow. A couple brown spots are barely visible. Archival restoration on the sixth size plate has been completed.