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Sixth Plate


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WAS SHE MOURNING? I know that the woman, who wore her hair in a style that could be as popular today as it was when she was taken in sixth size circa 1854, appeared rather relaxed and attentive. Her costume was dark, understated and rather somber. Evening the gemstones in her earrings daguerreotyped in a midnight hue. The subject’s expression and clear eyes are difficult to decipher. Maybe she simply enjoyed muted tones. The contrast is impressive but the holographic depth is astounding! Lovely patina flows around the lady perfectly situated inside her oval mat. New seals have been done and the green embossed cushion inside her complete leather case is excellent! Tinting complimented her face. There is one mold mite on her breast. The marks above her head are breaks in the oxidation not scratches. One last thought; could a daguerreotype have been focused with any more perfection?