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Sixth Plate


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OFF-CENTER! And maybe out of kilter too. While the gent used a rather casual pose for his taped sixth plate, by crossing one leg over the other and aiming the top knee directly at the lens, even his hand on his thigh and one arm on a table couldn’t lessened the coiled energy in his sparse frame. His broad lips were slightly parted. The shape of his nose indicated that it had been broken in the past and not properly reset. His blue eyes were neither menacing nor calming. Maybe more quizzical as he wondered what he would look like when the leather case (with a poor hinge repair) was handed over. Do you think his maker had the courage to ask for payment first? Deep buff marks never really disappear. This character study is so wonderful that I totally overlook the daguerreian’s original limitations. Wasn’t that a cool hat he wore? I wonder what he placed in the cloth pouch that was visible beyond the edge of his well-worn jacket? Down there in the lower right corner. The tautly pulled thin cloth behind the gent has visually arresting different dappled daubs of light and shade. Large circles of tarnish and smaller brown spots are apparent. The image was a vivid black and white production!