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Finely Tinted Sixth Plate Dag


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SHE WAS GORGEOUS! Probably one of the most attractive little girls I have ever owned (twice now since I just bought her back from a long time collector and friend). The lovely child sat on a sofa that was covered by a marvelous floral patterned cloth. Her daguerreotypist was highly skilled at making sixth plate resealed dags as well as using pigments from his paint box to embellish the finished jewel. Let me tell you all that the diagonal marks on the surface are so faint that even with a loupe in direct light they are impossible to see. I believe that powder from a paint box was responsible. There are some mold spiders and breaks in the oxidation in a couple places. The adorable gal simply had IT! That golden necklace is so realistic that I want to gently reach behind the child’s neck and unclasp it. A skylight was used in this studio. Notice the broad reflections in the top of each eye and the shadow underneath her chin. Although her facial features were ever so slightly soft when the next own opens the leather case with a resinous hinge I suspect that he or she will be as impressed as I have been.