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Sixth Plate


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SOMETIMES I KNOW! I made a scan of the naked sixth plate then I found a much wider opening oval mat from the proper period when the little boy was copied circa 1847. Because the buff marks were so prominent and the image had a uniform softness, I suspected that the original was not in my possession when I first opened the tiny lad’s complete leather case that presents a great deal of mystery. Two totally different shades of leather were melded together with an inner and outer hinge that are both intact. Delicate Roses adorn both sides but the cover design was popular in 1846 while the reverse was more fashionable a year later. The curious child had curly locks above his ears. He cradled his toy musket across his mid-section. On the table was a stuffed fuzzy lion that was probably his favorite animal companion. That black belt, cinched around his plaid dress was utilized by the daguerreotypist to keep the lad in the chair. SCOVILLS, the plate maker’s hallmark on the piece taken from life, is plainly visible in the upper right corner. Notice the pair of small tacks on the left side that were hammered into wood to keep the plate from sliding during the copying process. Does anyone recognize the leafy foliage and large mountain painted on the backdrop? The outline of the oval brass mat and plenty of oxidation are apparent. Also a few brown dots and mat scrapes can be seen.