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Sixth Plate


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A THICK TWIST . . . Of his hair certainly set this lad apart from the “normal” sixth size dags of children that I have seen. And the Angel’s wings on either side of his small shoulders pose an interest question too. Did the operator even realize that he gave his tiny boy a “heavenly” appearance or was it totally accidental? If only that table with the blue colored cloth and books on top would have been removed! The boy could have flown around inside that double elliptical brass mat. Paint was also added to his face. The kid’s eyes watched the operator while he worked. He sat relaxed, anticipating the outcome of the effort. The leather case that holds his older retaped plate has a cloth spine. The doubled dots would disappear with a new seal. Mold spiders are scattered about. Tiny mat scrapes are across the top and one scratch is below the table. Outstanding holographic depth is visible. Since strong light entered the room from the left side of the camera and the tiny guy was seated near the drop that was his shadow on the cloth.