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Sixth Plate


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EVEN I THINK . . . It might have been too difficult for the lad’s daguerreotypist to have successfully taken his portrait on a sixth plate if he had been wearing that cute straw hat with a large ribbon wrapped around the crown. The boy wore tie up leather shoes with fancy spats as an added adornment. I find that rather curious. I noticed that he was restrained behind his head since there are additional legs visible behind the child’s high chair between his feet. That boater might also have hidden a waist belt too. Wide flowing oxidation has added color naturally, although the lad’s cheeks and lips were toned with red paint. He represents a very endearing childhood portrait that has excellent condition although there is mild outgassing under the glass. His complete leather case once had masking tape across the inside leather hinge so there is residue remaining. The velvet pad was embossed with a lovely large wreath. The likeness has nice reflected depth and pops better than my scan represents.