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Little Boy Sixth Plate Dag


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CLAWED THE FURNITURE. The boy’s hand was twisted into a grotesque shape when he grasped the top of the wooden chair. His wrist was turned at an angle that makes me rather uncomfortable just looking in that direction so I will move to the left and study his cherubic (well not really) face. One eye was wide open while the other one was diminished in size by that heavy lid. His pose was rather cute, seated upright and tight against the back support while his knees were bent and his little legs covered with plaid pants were thrust out to the left. At first I thought the darker splotches on the lad’s face were a result of the chemistry after the retaped sixth plate had been cleaned to remove spotty oxidation that covered the surface. Turning the piece to the negative and then using my loupe indicated that his face was oddly pigmented. Or very filthy and covered with dirt! Remember, even kids at mid-19th century knew how to root around outdoors. The line above the tyke’s head was a seam in the backdrop. The hazy splotch in the lower right corner is not harmful. As I study the child inside his complete leather case, I now realize how brilliant the composition and illumination was. Looking at my scan provides one dimension of a holographic reproduction! The vertical line touching the caned seat is in the cover glass.