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Sixth Plate


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SUMMER MONTHS! After walking in the park filled with leafy trees and statuary the subject arrived at this location where a daguerreian had placed a small seat. Desiring to own a sixth size miniature on brightly polished silver, the lass calmly posed for her maker. Did she instinctively look away from the camera or was she instructed to turn her pretty face thusly? Not only did the view around the woman have a painterly touch, the brightness helped to form her features and illuminate those sparkling eyes. Pale tinted was applied to her flesh, blouse and ribbons. Bolder red and gold accented those rings. Outstanding depth was created technically and naturally since the sitter leaps forward from the gardens when her complete leather case is opened. This was a masterful achievement that has aged very well. Mat marks are in the patina on the right side. The remainder of the specks isn?t bothersome at all.