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Sixth Plate


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A VERY LOVELY OCTET! Beautiful young women all about the same age were carefully arranged inside a spacious studio. Half the gals were seated and the remainder stood behind them. This is an absolutely smashing archivally sealed sixth plate. I believe their original portrait was taken in half or even whole plate size. The daguerreotypist most likely made smaller copies for each of the unidentified subjects on the same day. The largest questions were these. Who were the ladies and why were they taken? The cost must have been dear. Which one might have kept the larger likeness? My cup of admiration overflowed with praise for the technical acumen of the operator and his use of superlative illumination to bathe these belles so perfectly. Curiously the lass on the left held her companion?s hand. The other ladies remained friendly but separate. Each individual presented us with a lovely likeness. They wore contrasting fashions and hairstyles that were indicative and popular in the mid-1850s. I think I am most impressed by the relaxed and mostly friendly, even wistful appearances of each gal. I would enjoy knowing the identity of the professional operator. Does anyone reading this have an identical dag of this group? The spine on their leather case was cleverly repaired. The green embossed velvet pad inside is splendid. The sharpness was exceptional. Fantastic tonality helped to created deep reflected depth! Small mat abrasions, a couple mold spiders and thin patina are on the perfectly polished silver.