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Sixth Plate


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CW-175. INQUIRING MINDS . . . Have every right to ask, ?what caused that weird shadow over part of the reclining animal and why was the left side of the resealed sixth plate dag obliterated? The easier question first. Who can ever know, except for the person that scratched out the background? As for the ghostly image (I gave you a hint just then), Casey, myself and the previous owner of the remarkable portrait all believe that a CAT was meant to be part of the likeness but during the exposure, that creature leaped off the table and startled the young girl causing her to move. Her right hand did continue to steady her ancient pet. The heavily buffed piece was so remarkable that the child?s parents accepted the offering. Could one of the adults been standing behind the table on the left attempting to steady the rear end of the dog? Tinting was added to the gal?s face and hands, her bouquet of flowers and that tablecloth. The gold might have been part of a visible collar on the shaggy canine. The patina across the lower portion of their portrait formed a weird line over time. The remainder of the specks looks mostly like foreign ingredients in the polishing powder. When the complete leather case is opened the remarkable tableau is completely presented!