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Sixth Plate


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BOLDLY FEATURED! The substantial gent was seated and told to look directly into the lens while his sixth sized dag was executed. Illumination from overhead revealed his thinning hair and expansive forehead. Tiny piercing eyes and a tightly closed mouth framed the subject’s broad nose and beautifully chiseled cheekbones. The loosely coiled ringlets that cascaded over his ears were rather interesting don’t you think? Did his maker miss the focus because the subject projected such a powerful scowl that intimidated him? Of course, examining the sitter after the detached leather case cover has been removed doesn’t provide the viewer with such an immediate sense of operator deficiency. The subject’s jaw was tightly contained by his thickly knotted tie and stiff white collar! Fingers of oxidation float inside the oval opening and there are tiny scrapes above and at the bottom of the fellow. I would have to say that this piece has many but certainly NOT 50 shades of gray.