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Sixth Plate


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TINTED BLUE! Strands of woven cloth accentuated the teenager’s hair that also included a braid across the top of her head. The girl leaned marginally forward while seated at a slight angle away from the lens when her resealed sixth plate was produced. While her brown eyes were looking in the direction of the camera I suspect that her thoughts were searching beyond the box mounted on a tripod. This is a classic female portrait made in the early 1850s. Excellent contrast and richness in the blacks helped to create awesome deep depth. Gold was painted on the gal’s jewelry. Pastel red blush was delicately painted on her freckled cheeks and lips. Lines from oxidation cover her hands and flows inside the oval frame. Mat abrasions hug the brass mat too. That black line on her collar wasn’t done recently. A pristine red silk pad is opposite the subject who is kept in a fine leather case that has a separated hinge.