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Sixth Plate


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TIED THE KNOT! At first glimpse inside their dual compartmented leather case that retains the original hinge, I thought the pair were husband and wife. However, after the sixth plates were restored, and I realized that the lovely youthful lass represented a marvelous copy of an original daguerreotype, I second-guessed myself (yep, it even happens to me at times). Might they have been brother and sister? Very proud parents would certainly have enjoyed viewing their offspring together. While her surface suffered aging pains, the gal’s tinted face and beautiful presence on the silver still strongly resonates! The handsome young swain’s silvery mirror has patina flowing around him and a couple brown spots. His maker brilliantly bathed bright light from above all over his subject thus creating a scintillating tremendously reflective artistic masterwork. His thick jacket and large cloth tie, with a small metallic cross attached to the knot, almost gave the appearance that the thick haired erudite sitter was wearing a cape. His daguerreotype was taken from life. It is akin to a triumphant painting in miniature inside that scalloped brass frame!