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Sixth Plate


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SO MUCH WHITE. I have given up trying to ascertain why I am attracted to some of the lesser daguerreotypes I buy. Like this woman’s recently sealed sixth plate, she just attracted my attention. Now that I have decided to place her on a salon page, I guess it is my responsibility to make a description. Obviously, the contrast of her dark hair and all those dots again paler fields were visually impressive. In fact, if the next owner opens her leather case with a very weak hinge and isn’t careful moving the lady to and fro, a hypnotic affect might occur. Now that I am remembering, Erin offered me this fine dag and did exactly that. Clever daughter making a sale. Pale rouge gave some “color” to her black and white likeness. I would be remiss not to mention that the condition of this daguerreotype is exceptional! If you look carefully, the subject held her glasses with octagonal lens in one hand.