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Sixth Plate


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TRYING FOR THE SAKE OF ART! Sure, her pose was rather contrived, suggested by the operator who attempted to create a different arrangement when he took the youthful lady’s archivally taped sixth plate circa 1846. The gal’s naked arms resemble a sort of semaphore signal, although today I am not certain what the message might have been. She wore a pretty dress and fashionable fingerless black lace gloves, all the rage during most of the daguerreian era. Obviously the daguerreian’s small table covered with a cloth was not adjustable, hence the use of the thick book under the subject’s elbow. For all of the effort put forth, her likeness was very vertical and compact. A bright blue embossed velvet pad and matching piping will surprise the next collector when her full leather case is opened. Unfortunately none of the decay in the corners, including minuscule green specks and those wipes was visible through the filthy glass. I apologize for the condition but not for the pretty patron of the arts.