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Sixth Plate


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FINALLY . . . A wicked handsome and suave sophisticated male who actually wore his really cool straw chapeau while a very competent and savvy daguerreotypist made this exposure on a mirrored palette! The man, with his face covered by freckles, was turned at an angle away from the lens. A smile formed on his lips and those medium toned eyes exhibited an attitude. What was the nature of the robust fellow’s visit to his maker’s gallery? Was it to record his new hat? Or could it have been a keepsake to present to his wife and/or parents? He placed a white handkerchief in that outer pocket to complete his dashing ensemble! My reproduction looks exactly like the archivally restored sixth plate that is kept in a leather case with a torn hinge. There are a few mold mites, mat marks and two green specks in those white hazy dots on his jacket. Also there is one wipe on the gent’s coat, just to the right side of that white pocket cloth. Red tinting colored cheeks and mouth. The dag does have nice contrast and good depth.