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Sixth Plate


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DEPENDING ON THE ANGLE. Mom and her barefoot little boy look better then my scan as their retaped sixth plate is rotated at different angles. Adding to the visual effects was a technical application of bending the four sides of the plate upwards. That fact alone created additional holographic depth. Then a deep blue hue of oxidation has naturally vignetted the pair during their march forward in history. The boy was belted into place but mother didn’t take any chances that he might be frightened by the process and attempt to fly away while the lens was uncapped. She clutched one of his tiny arms and with her other hand, secured him behind his back. His expression doesn’t indicate annoyance but his clenched fist pressed against his parent’s leg was rather demonstrative. In fact, the pose is rather unusual. The lady tilted her head, pursed her pretty lips and peered pensively into the maker’s lens. The leather case has a professionally repaired hinge. There is a white dot on one of the kid’s nostrils. The remainder of the specks is not bothersome.