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Sixth Plate


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SHE WAS PERFECT . . . Until another person decided to take apart the adorable girl’s sixth plate and actually clean the silver. Then, he or she left the piece unsealed and the previous scallop shaped mat left several large scrapes. I was able to obscure the worst ones by using this oval brass mat from the same mid-1850s period. Obviously, a few of the marks are still visible, yet they don’t detour from my complete appreciation of this beautiful young child. Someone spent hours creating that lovely ensemble the blonde girl wore. Her hair was loosely rolled into ridges. However the most striking physical attribute were the gal’s large sparkling blue eyes. Gold was painted on her tiny brooch attached to that lace collar and also on her ring. Blue pigments accentuated the tablecloth. She was posed in a studio that was equipped with a skylight. When the detached leather case cover is removed, the next owner of her visage will be delighted!