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Sixth Plate


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THE PROPER INGREDIENTS! An attractive well-dressed woman with neatly coiffured hair visited a daguerreotypist who had mastered his trade. The maker also was able to produce a newly sealed sixth plate that reflected the inner beauty of his subject. He asked her to sit sideways on that small wooden chair. The folds in her lovely shawl added a touch of elegance to her wonderful pose. The lady’s arm was arranged with her wrist bent and long flowing fingers loosely composed. Her other arm was nestled in the folds of the fringed cloth, with a large wedding ring quite prominently displayed. Wisps of recalcitrant hair strands caressed her forehead in a couple places. The winsome woman had wonderful bright eyes and a pleasant mouth. None of the detritus or tarnish on her reflective silver palette is really bothersome. At one angle an elongated V-shaped mark in the darker area on the right might be seen. Since it was filled with gold chloride, I think it was there the day image was done. Her complete leather case is worn.