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Sixth Plate


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SEE THE SECOND SCAN! Not that I am too lazy to type all the information that I found underneath these half-sisters that was written on the reverse of a calling card and kept in a Japanned black case inlaid with mother of pearl and over painted but you know how it is, right? Miss Marcia Rouse” was mechanically printed in small neat letters on the front. Their maker, yes that does say “Crapo Lockport” across the bottom of the scalloped brass mat, (I would have changed the name if it had been mine) worked in upstate New York circa 1855. According to John Craig, Crapo might have worked in Milwaukee and St. Louis prior to the commencement of the War Between the States. Back to the lovely ladies. Well . . . the condition is excellent and they are framed by oxidation. The cover of their sixth size case is detached. The dag was recently resealed.