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Sixth Plate


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QUITE A COLLECTION. Her daguerreotypist traveled with a stack of books that he used as props when he worked in sixth plate size. He also hung a pair of fancy drapes on diagonals behind his sitters. Or . . . Maybe the decorations were actually painted on the neutral cloth that had a vertical fold on the left side. The shadows fell in the correct direction though, since the very attentive lass received light from the right side and balanced by a reflector on the left. The girl had a pigmented complexion and her hair was tightly gathered behind her head. The waves on her forehead were quite attractive. She was most likely taken circa 1844. I turned the tomes sideways and reversed them. Interesting titles and subjects included “Pilgrim’s Progress”, a partial inscription on one binding “Websters with Illustrations” and a bold skull and crossbones whose title might have been “Pirate Lore”! Arrrrgh! Back to the gal. She also held a small Bible or book of Psalms. She wore a dark velvet collar secured by a golden piece of jewelry. Her maker also tinted her wedding band. Indeed, brides were young in those olden days. There are mat scrapes and some residue across the bottom after someone improperly cleaned the surface. Those white specks don’t affect my appreciation of the teenager’s resealed image. I added her whole leather case, also circa 1844.