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Sixth Plate


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DON?T YOU WONDER? Well I certainly do. Take J. Sidney Miller, a capable daguerreian who worked in nearby Nashua NH circa 1853-1860 and possibly beyond as my example. Mr. M would have been puttering around his gallery waiting for potential clients when he heard the front door open. He knew someone was calling because being a clever businessman he had attached a small bell on the frame. Standing before him was this massive young fellow who had made an effort to look his best for a resealed sixth plate dag that was placed in a complete leather case. J. Sidney took one glance at the beefy boy and ushered him into the studio while wondering if he could move the camera far enough away from his client to fit him inside his scalloped mat that had been previously impressed with the studio advertisement. Voila! Success was obtained to the satisfaction of the subject. Because those two rings cut into his flesh, I suspect the lad had put on some poundage recently. Miller added blue pigment to the tablecloth and daubed the man?s face with pale red paint. Aside from random patina and meaningless specks the reflective silver could not have aged more gracefully.