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Sixth Plate


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CRAZY! Hey, why would anyone use that word to describe the attentive young lass? I am referring to the combination of the patina and the degradation of the gold that had been painted on her pair of rings, producing those cauliflower orbs around her fingers. She naturally was oblivious to what has happened. Remaining cool calm and collected while she sat easily for her retaped sixth plate to be done. The studio might have been outfitted with a skylight. Red rouge was added to her cheeks and lips. On the reverse of the gal?s full leather case a red and white label, now partially torn, had been adhered. Someone wrote: ?mother . . . age 18?. Pick work and added colors were applied to her brooch and more gold was touched to her bracelet that rested on the cloth-covered table. I rather like ?mother? don?t you?