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Sixth Plate


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A PRETTY LASS! That wedding ring might have been the reason why this piece of sixth plate portraiture was produced. The dark doe-eyed damsel did look directly into the lens yet those large orbs saw more then just a camera when she posed so comfortably for her conserved daguerreotype. Her person grooming habits were very neat. Her choice of clothing and that accompanying ribbon worked harmoniously together. Pale pigments were painted on her freckled face. Dark blue patina hugged the octagonal mat while a closer (to the sitter) band of hazy oxidation is faintly visible. There is a green spot on the left in the darkness of the drop. Mold spiders were arrayed above the subject. Nice deep depth when the angle of view is perfect also makes most of the blemishes in the silver disappear. The cover of the leather case is not present.